Skincare on the go

As the weather plays truant, it’s time to head to some exotic place where you can soak up the sun. But make it a point not to skip your skincare routine while travelling and also ensure that your body is taken good care of. So, here are some essentials that need to be in your travel kit:

Serum: This is a lighter formula of a heavy moisturiser. Serums penetrate deeper into your skin without making the skin look patchy under the sun. Using it daily can make your skin firmer, smoother and also increase moisture.

Sun protection: Undoubtedly, the most important thing you should carry when you travel is a moisturiser with a natural sun protection.

Facial cleansing wipes: It is good to keep some cleansing wipes handy when travelling. You may not always have a washroom available and these serve as heroes in such a situation. Be sure to choose the right wipes for you.

Facial masks: Facials and clean-ups are time-consuming. You can opt for face masks for instant glow. It’srecommended to take face masks in powder form rather than in the form of paste, as they are easy to carry and ensure retention of ingredients without drying.

Deodorants: These are a must-have in any travel kit, especially if your vacation is taking you to the tropics where it is sure to be hot and humid. When choosing the right deodorant for you, ensure you opt for a skin-friendly product. A deodorant that is free from alcohol, aluminum and any harmful chemicals is the one to go for. Choose one with a soothing and mild fragrance which will uplift your mood and also which will stay for longer hours.

Pain relief oils: When you are travelling, it is best to be prepared with trusted products when it comes to your wellness. Long flights, sitting, walking and travel can strain your body and cause pain in the knees, back or other body parts. Carrying a trusted pain relief oil can take care of your ailment and give you instant relief.


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