Morning rain and snow mix causing headaches for commuters

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Some roads in downtown Cedar Rapids were completely covered in snow Tuesday morning, creating slick conditions.

Some were out salting the sidewalks.

Drivers coming into town say the roads were also bad.

“I-380 wasn’t bad but when I was on the roads I was going over 40 and my car was sliding a little bit,” said Austin Grote, who traveled to Cedar Rapids from Black Hawk County.

“There was an accident or a car that spun out and went in the ditch right on the highway 30 overpass,” said Bert McClintock, who came from Fairfax. ”Then there was a couple more as I got downtown on first avenue and first street Southwest.”

City officials got an early jump on road treatment. They started using a salt and sand mix on the roads Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Public works will be working nonstop, focusing on the main roads, and then move to the residential ones. They want drivers to slow down, and give themselves enough between other vehicles.

City leaders say there will still be issues after the snow stops.

“Really our biggest concerns is the temperature,” said Mike Duffy, Street Operations Manager for Cedar Rapids. “So as the temperature drops it reduces the effectiveness of our material. We’re also expecting some heavy winds and when that occurs we deal with visibility issues and blowing and drifting, and those are all things we will be focusing on.”

Crews will revisit those areas with drifting snow and plow it again. They also want drivers to be on the lookout for plows and give them room to operate.

Officials are also reminding people that after the snow stops, they will have 48 hours to clear the sidewalks for their houses and businesses.


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