Indian Cooking Tips: Make This Unique Banana (Kela) Puri For Festive Meals

Indian Cooking Tips: Make This Unique Banana (Kela) Puri For Festive Meals (Watch Recipe)

Indian cuisine boasts of some signature dishes that make the cuisine so popular all over the world. A special Indian meal for a special occasion usually comprises puri – fried Indian puffed bread. It is conventionally made of wheat flour, which is converted into dough with cumin seeds (jeera), some oil and salt. The dough is divided into small balls and rolled to make small flat rotis. These rotis are then deep-fried until golden brown to make what we know as puri (poori). This delish Indian bread can be served with spicy curries, sweet halwa or just pickle or chutney. If you want to try something different the next time your family demands a meal with puri, try this recipe. This unique puri is made with the sweet fruit of banana.

Banana or kela puri loads up on flavourful and healthful foods – banana and almonds. It is made richer and tastier with sugar, butter and cardamom (elaichi). It is the perfect meal for religious festivals, special events or even for carrying on long travels as it stays edible for a longer time and can be eaten as is. If nothing else, just pair the puri with a hot cup of tea and enjoy this yummy treat.

Manjula Jain, a popular food vlogger, shared the recipe of this fantastic variation of puri on her YouTube channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’. Watch the recipe video here and make this banana puri to impress your family and friends.

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