Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Perfect Milk Cake Sweet At Home (Recipe Video Inside)

Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Perfect Milk Cake Sweet At Home (Recipe Video Inside)

India is home to whole range of sweets and desserts that satiate our sweet tooth the T. The richness and tenderness of our traditional sweets cannot be beaten by any international dessert. We love our gulab jamun, rasgulla, barfi and a creamy, milky sweet (mithai) that can never disappoint us – milk cake. It is a moist, soft two-layered cake suffused with the sweetness and flavours that aptly suit the Indian sensibilities. This is our own take on the western milk fudge and the result is no less than the dessert enjoyed worldwide. Milk cake is an eggless dessert and is popularly relished during festivals, special occasions and religious events.

Although milk cake is easily available in almost all sweet shops throughout the country, the joy of making this mithai on your own at home is just unmatched. So, here we present to you an easy recipe that will teach you how to make milk cake perfectly in your own kitchen. Milk cake is obviously made with milk that forms the creamy, milky base of the dessert. The dish is further made lush by unsalted butter and made flavourful with pistachios (pista) and cardamom (elaichi). Of course, loads of sugar is added to sweeten the dish. It’s supposed to be a sweet, after all. A surprising addition is that of lemon juice that adds a hint of zing to the otherwise sugary food.

The recipe of milk cake has been shared by food vlogger Manjula Jain through a video she posted on her YouTube channel, ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’. Watch it here.


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