Indian Cooking Hacks: Keep These Tips Handy While Cooking With Milk

Indian Cooking Hacks: Keep These Tips Handy While Cooking With Milk

Cooking has been rendered a skill that is relatively easy to acquire, all thanks to the millions of cooking websites and blogs on the internet, doling out helpful advice. It only helps that professional chefs have nowadays opened their kitty of best-kept secrets to their followers on the internet. There are certain hacks that you can always depend on, to make your life easier around the kitchen. With these hacks in your cooking arsenal, you may be able to avert any cooking disasters or accidents that may befall you, especially if you’re not very adept at cooking or working around the kitchen. Cooking hacks are easy ways to saving time, effort and ingredients. One of the most commonly used ingredients in the kitchen is milk and there are some common hacks that you may want to know when working with or storing milk.

Milk is known as the complete food and is used in an array of dishes- both savoury and sweet. Milk is delicious and creamy and it’s this quality of this nutritious beverage that makes it so popular. However, milk is also extremely perishable and you may want to use it with caution.

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Indian Cooking Hacks: Tips To Remember While Cooking With Milk

1. To Save Milk From Burning: An easy way of preventing milk from burning while boiling it, is to add just a little bit of water to it in the start. You can also wet the bottom of your vessel before pouring milk in it to boil, to prevent it from burning or sticking to the utensil.

2. To Save Milk From Spoilage: Make sure you properly refrigerate your milk to prevent it from going bad. Ideally, consume it the same day or the day after. Boil the milk when it’s fresh and then allow it to cool down, before refrigerating it, to increase its shelf life.

3. To Prevent Curdling Of Milk: Left your milk out or forgot to refrigerate it for a few hours? You can still save it! All you have to do is add a pinch of baking soda to the milk before boiling it. Your milk will not curdle.

4. To Prevent Milk From Spilling Over While Boiling: Put a wooden ladle on top of the vessel, while boiling milk in it, to prevent it from overflowing and spilling out. This trick works for most liquids when you’re boiling them.

Know of any more useful cooking hacks for milk? Let us know in the comments section below!


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