‘I give my mother a few cooking tips, but not my wife’

What is your most favourite ingredient to work with?
Olive oil.

If not chef, what would your alternative career option have been?
If not for being a chef, I’d be into real estate.

Do you also cook at home? What is the go-to dish that you prepare at home?
I do love to cook at home. My go-to dish is mutton chops & fried chicken. My wife just loves them.

Do you give cooking tips to your mother and/or wife? How do they react?
–Funny question actually. I give my mother a few cooking tips, but not my wife. She’s got her own style and I’m a huge fan.

Do you watch cooking/reality shows? If yes, which shows and contestants are your favourite?
I’m not really into watching cooking or reality shows.
But whenever I have the time, I watch Vicky Goes Veg on the internet.

What is your family’s most favourite dish that you prepare?
Arabian Baked Pasta is the most favourite dish that is loved by both my wife & son.

What has been your worst/funniest kitchen incident?
One of the first times I was cooking, I cut my index finger. While I was catering to the wound, little did I realize I had set my kitchen on fire. I scrambled around to get it under control. Such a disaster!

Any famous personalities you’d like to cook for? Why them? What would you cook for them?
I’m a huge fan of music and my favourite artist has always been AR Rahman for whom I’ve always dreamed of cooking. I’d like to cook Chelow Kebab for him. I’m sure it is something he would enjoy.




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