Detox With Green Beans; 3 Healthy Green Beans Recipes

Detox With Green Beans; 3 Healthy Green Beans Recipes

Be it salads, soups, bakes or curries; one ingredient that happens to be a common affair in almost all kinds of dishes is green beans. What makes this veggie so versatile is its ability to hold up its taste in every dish that it is added in. Beans are commonly used in a number of south Indian delights like vegetables stew, sambhar, avial etc. Green beans are replete with health-benefiting properties. Apart from providing us with energy and promoting great skin, hair and nails, green beans also help in detoxifying the body. Its strong diuretic properties help the body in getting rid of unwanted toxins. If you wish to make most of this healthy and nutritious vegetable, here are three green beans recipes that you can prepare in the comforts of your kitchen:

Sauteed Green Beans

If you are on a weight loss spree and looking to shed those extra kilos, then this is definitely the one for you. Made using bell peppers, olive oil, pine nuts, walnut oil and green beans, this sautéed green beans recipe is a perfect weight loss-friendly recipe that can help you detox to a great extent. This dish is rich in fibre, which will keep you full for a longer time, further keeping untimely cravings at bay.

Green Bean Salad

If you are fond of salads and are looking for some twist, then bring this healthy yet tasty recipe to your rescue. Quite easy-to-make and nutrient-dense, this green beans salad is prepared using a combination of soft parsley, crispy breadcrumbs and healthy green beans. You may avoid breadcrumbs if you wish to cut off the calorie load.

Green Beans With Coconut

This delight is wrapped in a banana leaf and packed to perfection. Since it is baked and not fried, it can help you avoid the calorie load, making it perfect for any weight loss diet.

So, without further ado, bring this fibre-rich veggie to your rescue and start cooking healthy delights!


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